1 1 Sawtooth and the petticoats: Fire

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I happened to glance into our living room this evening, where I saw my youngest brother frantically maneuvering a ball of fire around. Despite everything we know about stop-drop-and-roll, the flapping extinguished the flame (which was good because the pot I grabbed was taking forever to fill up with water). 

He had put a paper napkin into the flame of a candle. Apparently he didn't realize... how fast paper burns? I'm not sure. This is the same kid who put a bead up his nose "to see if [he] could get it out". He could the first few times, but eventually, yes, the bead got stuck. And yes, the napkin caught on fire. And yes, the scientific method lives on.

ps. - I asked him later what he would have done had I not noticed the inferno. He responded: "I dunno, keep flapping."

pps. -- on our family whiteboard is now the illustrated sentence: "[name withheld for privacy] has lost his fire privileges." Two of us used those exact words, independent of each other. Apparently "fire privileges" are a thing around here. I hope I never lose mine.


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